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I am actually a person who never considered to buy a tablet. After almost a year I can just say: It was worth it every penny! I use the tablet for checking my emails very quick,  to write emails on the go, or to use a lot of great apps. Whether it is looking up a recipe, reading blogs, writing articles or using an app. With an actual tablet, it is very convenient to do so. I have it almost every day with me and use it for work applications, reading books, for blog updates, emails, and drawings, too!

I didn't get bored at all of using my tablet. Be sure to research before you actually buy a tablet in a store. What is your budget? For what kind of tasks do you consider a tablet? Watching movies, drawing, writing, social media, whatever it is, check the optimal size for you, the power and features that are different with every tablet. Not every tablet is ideal for digital drawing, many devices still lack in pressure sensitivity for digital pens.

Will you use your tablet mainly at home, or will it be a gadget you will always want to have with you? What accessories are available? Tablet cases, keyboards, pens, audio... When you find a device that fits your desires and matches your budget enjoy it! I hope you will have as much fun with a tablet device as I do!

 The sensu brush lets me feel that I'm actually drawing on my tablet for real! Nice! The app I'm using in this picture is "Bamboo Paper".

The sensu brush lets me feel that I'm actually drawing on my tablet for real! Nice! The app I'm using in this picture is "Bamboo Paper".

Which tablet do I use?

  • I started using a graphic tablet in 2012. I purchased a Bamboo CTH-460. It's a graphic tablet you connect via USB to a computer. It works really nice and I'm still using it today. Bamboo is a product of the company Wacom, which is leading in the graphic tablet industry. The experience with Wacom products is the best in my opinion. The pen flow works good and the sensitivity is very well set. It almost feels like using a real pen.

Wacom offers a wide variety of graphic tablets. From a simple graphic tablet for everyone who wants to start using it, into high-end professional tablets for several hundred dollars. Whatever fits your need, Wacom is a company who offers the great technology.

  • Last year I got a tablet for my birthday: The Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S-Pen. For me, it was important to have a tablet that provides a better technology for digital pens. I think the Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S-Pen is a great opportunity in this sector, which is still in a decent budget. The size of the screen (10'') is perfect for drawing sketches. As I already mentioned I use this tablet a lot for work on the go: Sketches, writing, reading, apps.

How does the pen work? As I researched, I found out that Samsung partnered with the company Wacom for their S-Pen series. Which I have to commit, is recognizable. The flow of the pen is great and the sensitivity of the nip is very good! The only downer is the size of the pen itself, but you get used to it and it's not too bad! I also do like that you can store the pen in a special slot in the device, so it doesn't get lost. 

Gears to get:

  • Bamboo offers a pen for tablets. It is called "Bamboo Sketch". Also for I Pads, you can purchase the Apple pencil, which works great, too.
  • Additionally, I also purchased a tablet cover with an integrated keyboard which is awesome to use. It makes writing emails so much easier!
  • The mighty Sensu brush is more a fun gear I wanted to try out. Honestly, I would not consider to buy it. The product usually just lasts about 3 or 4 months until the brushes are worn out. It's a nice experience, but not worth the amount of money. The developers still need to fine tune their product.
  • Apps: There are so many great apps for graphic use. "Astropad" is an app for Ipad users to connect their tablet to your Mac as a graphic tablet. There are also many over apps you can try out in the app store (for Mac and Windows). I do use the app "Virtual Tablet" and it works just fine!
  • Another useful app I found is Bamboo Paper. It's an application where you can use your graphic pen and write down notes in a digital notebook or sketchbook. It pretty much looks like a Moleskine notebook. You can set the design of the pages and the cover. The pressure sensitivity of this app is very good! I do use it very often for taking handwritten notes or to draw sketches.

There are so many ways to make you tablet a professional and helpful gear for graphic work and so many helpful apps and pens to use. But keep in mind to purchase a tablet that supports pressure sensitivity when you want to use it for making a digital drawing. One more note: The Samsung Galaxy Tab A without the S-Pen (only the Tablet with S-Pen does support pressure sensitivity) doesn't support pressure sensitivity, so be aware to research about Tablets who support this feature.