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meet my studio

meet my studio

As my own tagline (or mantra) identifies I‘m interested in „Design, Illustration & Art“. I personally like to push the boundaries of these 3 creative fields. I like to combine craftsmanship and digital tools in my work. The best solutions you can achieve is by combining different tools. Modern computer graphics with handmade accents. Simple sketches that express ideas on point. Charming illustrations with a handcrafted character.

My graphic work uses the possibilities of modern computer programs and enhances new ways of expressions in combining with traditional tools. Every message is different, as also the graphic content I do support. 

I am not fixed with any specific medium but I do have my own style. I would describe it as simple and natural. I allow my sketches to be a bit clumsy and chunky which gives them their own personality. I am not into a sleek and perfect appearance, this is boring to me. I like the challenge of including imperfections in some kind of way which gives my illustrations a vitality and a twist. 

People who know me, know that I'm an uncomplicated, funny and clumsy person. My artwork reflects my personality in some kind of way.



My Workplace
I use to keep my workplace flexible and diverse. Working in an office? On the go in an airplane or train? Working at home? In a café? I‘m not fixed in any specific way how my workplace should look like. Furthermore, I‘m also open to modern solutions.

As a freelancer, I do work a lot from home currently so I set up my own little office. The tools I like to have in my workplace are simple. Of course, the computer and graphic programs are essential for every designer, but I also do like to keep books (and magazines) with me for reference and research. Other essential tools are paper, pens, and other crafting material for my illustrations.

I do like to combine many different tools together and consider different options of using them when I'm working. Every project is different and has different parameters I have to keep in mind.

My home office and studio is my favorite place in the world. It gives me the freedom to do what I love to do and to work on many different projects that I'm passionate about. Having all my favorite books nearby for references and pencils ready for a fast sketch makes it so convenient to work.

What is my work?
As a designer, I work on a variety of projects. Brochures, business cards, postcards, books,  covers, posters, magazines, flyers, logos, corporate identity, website, social media projects, movies, ... I‘m very experienced in print design but also familiar with the digital design and interactive process solutions.

Currently, I try to include more of my personal projects and more illustrations. Creativemeow gives me an opportunity to work on my personal ideas and to document them in a way of publishing my own creative blog. Even when I don't have much time, I still try to keep an extra hour every day for my personal ideas and illustrations. It is essential to me, to always evolve my skills and ideas to the next level.


Spread the word
Blogs, websites, social media...  One important workplace that I consider for creative communications is the web. I enjoy communicating my creative work process through a blog and to get in contact with other creatives. Working in an own little bubble is boring. We need interactions with our work, feedback, communication and we need to experience reactions. That's why I just started the blog creativemeow.com. I am confident that I will contribute more illustrations, ideas and that I will improve my english writing skills.


Mighty Ugly: Update

Mighty Ugly: Update