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An Artist's Notebook (Bernard Chaet)

An Artist's Notebook (Bernard Chaet)

I have a passion for books about materials and techniques. Since I started to teach at an university my collection of books grew. I started to research even deeper, to find valuable books to show and understandable resources for my students. I already read a lot of books about materials and techniques. In an earlier post, I mentioned that I learned with these books my art vocabulary, which was at the beginning very plain.

"An Artist's Notebook" supports an overview of following topics:

  • Drawing: Instrument and Instrumentation
  • Supports and Grounds for Painting
  • Media
  • Painting Surfaces
  • The Permanent Palette
  • Color Theory and Painting
  • Collage
  • Studio Tools...

This book is definitely for the developed artist and for students. It provides an overview of each material and technique. It doesn't go too much into detail, but the Author provides a huge resource for further research and possibilities. Something that really turns this copy down is the fact that almost all illustrations are in black and white. It would have been nice to see some more examples in full color.

If you're a beginner I recommend an easier and more general book about materials and techniques. This book goes already deep into certain professional topics which can be confusing for the beginner (such as the consistency of certain colors and oils).

Also check out some facts about Bernard Chaet.

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