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First of all! Happy International Cat Day! I wish you lots of meows and a purrfect day to enjoy! Not matter if you're a cat person or not! Creativemeow is a blog where everyone is welcomed.

Today I want to talk about my personal experience and joy of making handmade stuff. I actually never considered myself very good at knitting, weaving, sewing or even crafting. I never had the patience or time for this. My passion for crafting grew when I moved to the US and I had plenty of time to do things I never tried out before. I visited workshops, classes, and I watched tutorials about everything that just draws my attention.

I just needed to find a place where I can work creatively and where I can put effort and energy in. Leaving family and friends behind and moving to a new country isn't always easy. Working creative helped me a lot fo free my mind and keep a positive attitude even when I felt sometimes alone or misunderstood. 

Working on paintings, self-made gifts and surprises give me joy. I love to reconnect with my hands and feel different textures in my hands. It is a very satisfying feeling when a project grows with the help of your very own hands. I never sewed before, I never did a weaving project before, but I kind of fell in love with crafting adventures.

Learning new things gives me a thrill, and growing into a new person everyday satisfies me. It actually started with a blanket project, but soon I realized how much joy it is to create things and give away as a present to loved ones. I started to connect with other creatives locally and to attend workshops. Now I work through the year on different projects and around Christmas time I wrap up my best work and send it to family and friends as a surprise.

Of course, sometimes projects don't transform in what I've imagined, but I learned to relax. If a project turns out to be totally stupid I just shrug my shoulders and simply start over again. Reusing what I can save and be thankful for at least to learn a valuable lesson. Mistakes are there so we can make them and learn from them.

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What project are you currently working on? Let me know! I would love to hear your ideas and the stories of your crafts. Thank you!

Man and his symbols (Carl G. Jung)

Man and his symbols (Carl G. Jung)

The Creative License (Danny Gregory)

The Creative License (Danny Gregory)