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My favorite artists and inspirations

My favorite artists and inspirations

As my blog already reveals, I love to read books. Especially art books or just beautifully designed books. I usually find the most interesting books in thrift stores, yard sales, and flea markets. In Germany, I used to go with my parents to flea markets. Usually, me and my dad would stop by every place on the flea market that had books to sell. We would then go through every book, finding some treasure of knowledge or interesting text.

I think I found my passion for books because of my dad. Since I can remember we always had a bookshelf with lots of books. Interesting books, funny books, picture books, science books, history books, novels,... everything. On Sundays when my dad had off he usually grabbed a book out of the shelf and was reading a lot in his nook. 

I admire his knowledge and also his curiosity to learn more and to perceive so many points of views. My dad is my hero and role model. So it doesn't surprise that I also became interested in reading. Every book is to me like a promise of entertainment, knowledge, and revelation.

I was so happy when I started to learn reading as a kid because besides the illustrations I could then learn more by reading the accompanying text. There is nothing more exciting than opening a book and explore the content. 

Another thing that I do admire about reading a book is that it is accessible to people from every economic background. Of course, new books are expensive to purchase... BUT you can read books in a library, or like me and my dad going book hunting on flea markets. Used books are usually cheap and affordable. I remember spending 8 bucks and going home with 20 used books that I was going to read.

Reading books is relaxing, exciting and reveals so much about a new point of perspective. My passion for stories, a good text and just the materials of a book led me to study illustration and book design.

If you are interested in finding great treasures and to learn more about your favorite artists I can recommend to find a good read and carve out some free time for reading. Here are my tips on where to find a good read:

- The library: Many libraries also do offer ebooks and online services. When you have time you can also visit your local library and just stroll through the shelves and explore the books they do have. Best of all: Most libraries offer free services!

- E-reader: A great idea when you read a lot. E-readers help to decrease the physical amount of books. You can have your favorite reads everywhere with you. And e-books are mostly not so expensive.

- Thrift shops (actual stores but also online sellers): They do have a great number of books for every kind of interest. Most of the books are used but in good condition. The prices are mostly low for the books. You can always find a great gem in the stores and a book that interests you. And to be honest: A used book is as good as a new purchased book. It is the content that counts!

- Yard sales and flea markets: The trick here is to be patient. When you search randomly and just explore, you will find a great read eventually! Don't expect to find exactly what you need or the newest read, but if you just want to find an unexpected book this is the way to go. Flea markets and yard sales are always a surprise.


Have fun and let me know if you have another great resource for books!

Artists manual to materials and techniques

Artists manual to materials and techniques