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Ten Americans: After Paul Klee

Ten Americans: After Paul Klee

One of my biggest inspiration is the fabulous artwork of Paul Klee. I admire the color treatment, the play of forms and the beautiful atmosphere. I can just stare in awe. The first time I saw one of his paintings was at the MOMA in New York: "Cat and bird" 1928.

This day my head was so full of questions about my art career. I just finished my study abroad program in the US and was going to head back to Germany. A big task was waiting for me: Graduating with my Bachelor and I wanted to illustrate in a way, that inspires me more. Seeing his painting was kind of a revelation. I just stared at the colors and tried to absorb every detail. I was simply touched and felt so many emotions created by color and form. 

Paul Klees philosophy and poetic art influenced me and many other artists.

One eye sees, the other feels.
— Paul Klee

This is the reason why I want to invite you to experience the same and to go to the exhibition "Ten Americans: After Paul Klee" at the Phillips Collection.  Explore the artwork of an interesting German artist and of Ten Americans influenced by Paul Klee. It will be a new point of view and shows the wonderful transatlantic cultural exchange between Europe and America.

"The Ten Americans focus on the influence of Paul Klees style and ideology in various ways. It is a showcase of the synergies and the pivotal transatlantic exchange between Europe and the United States that helped shape the course of modern art." (check out the page!)

Paul Klees work is driven by a symbolic language, the method of working from the unconscious, and an interest in probing nature’s invisible forces. His work was a new way of expression and liberated a new way of painting.

The exhibition at The Phillips Collection (America's First Museum of Modern Art) is located in Washington DC and if you are close by, I recommend to check it out!

The prices are $12 for adults; $10 for students as well as visitors 62 and over. Free for members and visitors under the age of 18. This exhibition is open from February 3 - May 6, 2018.

What if you can't wait to visit this wonderful exhibition? Visit the Artsy website which mission is to make all the world's art accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. A great resource for everyone! They do have so many wonderful artworks of Paul Klee. A great feature is that you can see the artwork in the actual room (feels almost like a real exhibition). The reproduction of the artwork is very good and you can save your favorite artwork on this platform, so you can always visit your favorite painting wherever you are. Artsy provides with every painting valuable information about the artist and the artwork itself.

Explore and experience what it means when Paul Klee said: "One eye sees, the other feels". I hope you will feel as inspired as I do! Have a great weekend and maybe see you at the exhibition?

I just stared at the colors and tried to absorb every detail. I was simply touched and felt so many emotions created by color and form.
— Eleonore (my first time I saw a Paul Klee painting)
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