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Recently I was very busy with research, work and tight schedules. The more I did enjoy some creative input from Podcasts. It is great to hear from other illustrators and designers and to listen to other people experiences. It is definitely a boost for me to keep up with a stressful schedule and lot of work.  


Here are some of favorite podcasts recently: 

 “The Women of Illustration” podcast from Dina Rodriguez. I love it! It’s refreshing, fun to listen to and interesting to hear from so many inspiring illustrators and their personal experience in the industry. 


“Creative Peptalk” is a podcast from Andi J. Miller. I’ve been listening to his podcast for almost 2 years and I enjoy his boosting talks, which definitely helped me a lot to go through stressful times. 


 “Drunk on Lettering” with Roxy and Phoebe from Pandr Design Co. These two ladies are just beautiful inside and out! Their podcast is hilarious and literally people are drinking and talking about Lettering and Life. If you want to just listen to a more relaxed and funny podcast I recommend this one!


Other podcasts on my list, which I want do discover a bit further are:

- “How she creates” 

-  “3 Point Perspective”

- “Make it then tell everybody” 

- “Creative Mornings” 

-  “The Perspective” Podcast


I’m definitely going to explore more podcasts, since it’s great to listen to fellow creatives during long work hours! Thank you! I definitely had some laughs, some new insights and great hints for new ideas and more confidence. Let's face it: Confidence is so, sooo important for every creative person!

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New studio tool: iPad Pro (review)

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The Who, the What, and the When