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Some questions about copyright?

Why shall I give Eleonore recognition for her work? It's just graphics...

Like every creative, I do enjoy my work, but I also depend on recognition and support, so my creative work can still be done in the future. Support the creative community! It doesn't hurt anyone to actually give a creative the recognition they deserve. That means: always give credit!

Do I need to pay when I use your creative work? I mean you do enjoy it anyway...

Yes, I do enjoy my work! That's why I decided to study actually my field and learn more about what I'm passionate about. Being where I am today and be able to do what I do is not a hobby, it is my work. I studied years at universities, in workshops, at home on my own, all this time spent on bringing my creative work to a professional level should be credited just as every other professional work. It may seem to many people that it appears easy for creatives to do their work, but behind the scenes there is time and resources spend you might not be aware of: 

  • Equipment: Such as digital graphic programs, studio equipment, camera ...
  • Education: University, workshops, ...
  • Time: Every creative work takes time and not just talking about the doing. Creating a concept is also time-consuming. Not even to mention the time every creative individual spends to evolve their skills to the next level.

I don't have the money and I mean I want to use your stuff/ share it/ copy it and you will be okay with that right?

No! As I just mentioned creatives live from recognition. It is not a recognition to copy, to steal my ideas, or to use my stuff and think it will be ok, without asking me! This is how we destroy creative values. Please be kind to your community and society and respect each individual and also individual values. Our society needs to learn that creative work is not a freebie. We can just hold up our creative excellences in our society when we also start to nurture creative work!

And last but not least it will not hurt to just contact me. I'm usually a kind person and you don't have to be afraid to ask any questions. Questions are never dumb and rude, they are what they are: questions! So feel free! I'm always happy when someone is interested in my work! :)

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